“The Art Of Trusting Your Gut“

     Ladies and gentlemen there is no art, never was.  Just faith, hope, courage, and a shot.  I’ve read that when an idea hits, a person has five seconds to react.  In that five seconds if no motion is made to pursue that idea, it’s gone.  All the new possibilities, the changes, the positive impact, the ripple effect from a beautiful idea, puff. Gone.  

     So why not? Why not set in motion your dreams, and trust your gut.  It’s a simple word, used to describe the stomach, a simple organ in the body. It only takes three letters to spell, one vowel, and it’s there for you, gut.  Hey, if it tells you to go to the fridge and grab a beer or a sandwich bet you do it.     

     I’m a nobody from nowhere, and damn sure not one to give advice.  But I made a promise to myself that 2019 is my year, and it will be.  I guess I’m starting this blog as advice for myself.  Had an idea so here we go.   Talk to ya soon.

-Jamie Saylor Jr.