Jamie Saylor is one of the hottest rising artists in Americana and country music! With new music set to drop on Jan. 1 of 2020 Saylor is set to have one hell of a New Year. Saylor’s soulful voice with a vibrato straight from the Appalachian hills comes directly from his roots in Kentucky and Georgia landing the listener somewhere between Hank Williams and John Fogerty and people love it. His music rides the edge of country, blues, bluegrass and roots rock and is a must see for this LIVE audiences! They are pure energy, and have spent the last year touring and entertaining the working class all over the USA.

When asked about the new project Saylor just smiles. “The new album will have a lil’ something for everyone. The songs are mostly about those who don’t make it, those who have fallen from grace, and how they are all trying to get back on their feet and stay afloat. The pursuit of happiness are strong words, it’s a lot tougher than you think, and ultimately we don’t all get a happy ending. To hell with endings I prefer the journey.”, said Saylor.

Saylor who has been on the Nashville radar now for a lil over the past decade is set to take 2020 by storm. He has song cuts by other artists and in film, is widely respected for his original perspective as songwriter, and though songwriting is his passion he feels it’s time to start doin the singing as well. “I have found that I love to perform almost as much as I love creating, so why not do both.

Saylor began his music career when after losing his only brother in Iraq he needed a way to vent his frustrations, so he took a guitar and moved to New Zealand for a year. It was there he worked on farms and in bars, then at night taught himself how to play. “One of my first experiences playing live was in New Zealand. I was living in a hostel room with seven other guys from Brazil. We all had jobs at the hostel that in exchange for a days work, you got a nights stay. My job was cleaning the toilets, and one night after a lot box wine and cheap beer I pulled out my guitar and sang an Elvis song. Next thing I know one guys banging on a coffee can, and we were all singing along. Half of the guys couldn’t even speak English that well, that’s when I knew I wanted to play. A year later when I got back to the states I moved to Nashville.”